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How close have you been to a real desert?

Located on the fringes of the world famous THAR DESERT, Pushkar lake and Pushkar fair grounds, The Risala forms part of village Ganahera, a hamlet of the bygone era now famous for the folk lore surrounding it. Famous for the valor and courage of the Rajputs, the surroundings reverberate with its tales of heroism, romance and spiritual awareness with edicts and architecture depicting the same dotting the countryside. The Risala holds a traditional aura be it the exuberance of the local folk dancers, folks at the resort management, opulent Camel Safaris or a visit to the adjacent camel fair grounds it's there for you to experience this rich culture and heritage.

Almost every evening is a spectacular sight with local dancer's swaying to the folk tunes against the backdrop of the desert shimmering in the moonlight.

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The Culture

Captures the nostalgia of the bygone era of Royal safaris and Game Camps.

The Location

The luxury camp nestled in the close proximity to the fairgrounds of Pushkar.



Traditional Indian cottages for your comfort.

The Thatch

Treat yourself to traditional Indian food.

Swimming Pool

Immerse yourself in a pool of relaxation.

Desert Safari

Indulge yourself in Traditional Indian Cattle fair.

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